With all the technology around us, from cellphones, gadgets and tablets to computers, televisions and projectors, life can quickly become stressed and overwhelmingly busy instead of being the streamlined, efficient experience that technology promises.

At Evolve, we specialize in being innovative with technology to fulfill this promise.

We believe that our innovation, skill and fastidious passion to exceed your expectations will make your life easier and your brand stand out from the rest.

In a world that is flooded with technology, information and instantaneous communication, there are very few experts in this field of making technology actually work for you.

Evolve is proud to be at the forefront of this field. We are a niche provider of start-to-finish systems integration and audio-visual solutions.

This means that we can take your concept and make it a reality: from the supply of the hardware through to the bespoke programming and installation to make it work optimally and do what you want it to.



If you can plug it in, we’ll make it work.

We have positioned ourselves at the leading edge of the latest developments in sound, video conferencing, large-format display, interactive technology solutions and video projection systems.  So much so, that we are honored to be a preferred systems and technology integrator in the Audio Visual Communications sector. Our directors have over 40 years’ collective experience and expertise in converged technologies and turnkey digital solutions.

Recognised as a provider of high quality customized solutions, Evolve’s specialized professional services include:


- concept evolution
- design innovation
- project consultation


- professional installation
- performance optimisation


Evolve has a solid national footprint in South Africa that is complemented by an established infrastructure and skilled, technical-support team that enables us to deliver on significant commercial and residential projects. Our extensive product portfolio includes the sale and rental of the following:


- Plasma screens (32” to 103”)
- Video projectors: home, portable, educational and installations for theatres and auditoriums
- LCD screens

- LED video
- Seamless video wall solutions
- Audio and sound re-enforcement equipment


We aim to be the new face of AV systems integration by delivering both professional and powerful audio-visual performances for our clients.  We make our clients look good.


Core Strategic Evolve Services

Supported by a robust technical team with an extensive knowledge in all industries, Evolve delivers cutting-edge solutions in a permanently evolving and converging communication sector.

We have three core business focus areas:

Evolve at Home: Innovative and functional solutions for the residential market including high-end home cinema solutions, complete home audio solutions and total home integration and control experience.

Evolve at Presentations: For all exhibitions, corporate events and audio-visual rental markets where a comprehensive range of digital display products are available for lease to companies and individuals.

Evolve at Work: Complete solutions on a digital platform for the commercial market encompassing aspects such as public facing, corporate and commercial communication and marketing displays.  Our specialist display technologies include large format display panels (Plasma, LCD and LED screens), projectors and LED video wall solutions.