As technology advances it becomes exponentially more affordable to a larger market segment. EvolveAV has seen a significant increase in requests for sizeable digital displays and video walls within the education, corporate, commercial and public sectors. A pivotal consideration with large video wall displays lies in selecting the correct mount.

Today's video wall displays, although we use lightweight technology, are heavy and require sturdy, flexible mounting solutions. EvolveAV offers a modular range of extra-large digital display and video wall mounts. Whether you need to mount a dual display or multi-level displays, our modular range provides flexible and sturdy mounting options for almost every installation. Our wall mount and video wall components are interchangeable creating a virtually unlimited number of possibilities.


Our video wall mounts are specifically engineered and designed for professional displays. The modular concept allows for customisable video wall solutions, giving you the option to design in portrait or landscape formats. The video wall consists of interface wall plates and one set of interface display strips per display.

Once the displays are in place, the built-in service position makes it possible to easily connect cables to the displays. The service position also allows each individual display to be removed for maintenance or replacement.



video wall 9 screen wall mount


Not all of our video wall requests are for fixed installations. Having a mobile video wall structure allows you to move your displays to different areas of your showroom or shop floor or take it out on the road for expos, trade-shows and road shows.

Mobile video wall structures need to be quick and easy to assemble, simple to load and offer a premium strength-to-weight ratio. EvolveAV has a mobile solution for your needs to match the design and technical specifications for your mobile display. Our stands are built on high-tensile strength coaster pads that can take the weight of 9-12 large digital display units with plenty of room for cabling, daisy-chained signal routing and can be quickly wheeled in and out of position.




Don't let your imagination be stifled by anything! If you can think of a digital display that will rock the socks off your customers and has never been seen before, let us help you design and craft the mounting solution that will fit your unique requirements. Our custom displays can be wall-mounted, wheeled around or flown to any required angle whilst offering optimum safety and secure positioning.